Thursday, October 12, 2006

Airline Mag Style

I had this to say in response to Jonathan Swartz
usual vauge ramblings
Someone had a post that mentioned his blog as an example of Airline Magazine inspired CEO style.

For some reason that appealed to me. So here is my post.

Praise - Yes the Swartz has been musing and bucking the status quo. That's all good.

Dangers - Keep business logic close to the data. A real simple concept I have used to guide so many choics over the years. This one does not seem to wear out. Complex problems require complex solutions, but not more complex than they need to be, there is no point in complexity for complexties sake.

Reality - Determinisum is not bad. People like things to be deterministic. And often it is a very good thing. If an important customer asks "Is my data safe" how convinced do you think they will be if you always have to qualify that by checking with an extrememly complex data-shpere before you can answer.

My 2cents.

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