Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Like a Tech Conference at your desk

I discovered TEDtalks on ted.com.
They have a wonder number of very interesting people presenting on varied technology subjects.

I sat back at home and watched presentations by Burt Rutan and Jeff Han, but there are folks like Jim Wales and Dick Dawkins and Steven Levitt there too.
The Jeff Han presentation was very cool. He was demonstrating some amazing touch screen interface advancements. Basically an interface without and interface.

Anyway this is very cool stuff, go check it out.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Airline Mag Style

I had this to say in response to Jonathan Swartz
usual vauge ramblings
Someone had a post that mentioned his blog as an example of Airline Magazine inspired CEO style.

For some reason that appealed to me. So here is my post.

Praise - Yes the Swartz has been musing and bucking the status quo. That's all good.

Dangers - Keep business logic close to the data. A real simple concept I have used to guide so many choics over the years. This one does not seem to wear out. Complex problems require complex solutions, but not more complex than they need to be, there is no point in complexity for complexties sake.

Reality - Determinisum is not bad. People like things to be deterministic. And often it is a very good thing. If an important customer asks "Is my data safe" how convinced do you think they will be if you always have to qualify that by checking with an extrememly complex data-shpere before you can answer.

My 2cents.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wide awake again

Well I have finally just gone and done it. After having nanonic.net down since I seperated from the ex-wife and moved out of my own home I now have a blog presence again.

It is not quite what I had envisioned. Some folks will say I have sold out and that I should get my shit together and rebuild my hosting solution again and server up all the good stuff I had built before, but with a failed hdd and many cool things I would rather spend my time on, why would I.

Don't get me wrong I will build a new server and put lots of cool stuff up again. Obviously the things that just take up too much space, but when I get the time and have the itch to sratch again. Right now I am just happy to have my study back to the point that I enjoy spending time in the room again.

So what prompted me to get myself using Blogger. Well I have been sold on gmail from the beginning and had a good play with Writely when they grabbed that one up. Now that I have been using the calandering full on too I feel it is time. Hey the real push was that I could publish right from a writely doc into Blogger and wanted to see how that worked.

So if you see more from me now that will be cool. if nobody is watching that will be cool too. I just like to have a place to express myself, the bits that I am comfortable with the whole world looking at anyways.

Later, nanonic